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Recycling-Concept for the Treatment
Of Shredder-fluff  (ASR)
(ASR= Automotive Shredder Residue)

Recycling is one of the big issues facing the automotive industry, due to the increasing pressure from environmental lobbies and pending legislation from many governments and supra-national groups. The European Car Parc currently comprises about 140 million units, of which some nine million vehicle’s (ELV’s) reach their "end of life" each year.

The shredder operator feeds ELV’s into a hammer mill type shredder, to b e chopped and torn into small pieces which are conveyed through a sorting stem. Ferrous metals are separated magnetically from nonferrous materials and piled for shipment to steelmakers, while the "fluff" : still contains a good value of non ferrous metals (like copper and aluminium), plastics, glass, rubber, fibres and dirt – collectively called also ASR – automotive shredder residue.

The "fluff" is generally classified as a hazardous waste and difficult to treat and to dump. With the process of Carboshred® the fluff can be treated and a high grade of non-ferrous metals can be gained. The residual mixture containing plastics and rubber has good calorific value and can be recycled thermally (high temperature) via blast furnaces and / or electric arc furnaces. The pre-treated residual "fluff" can be injected into the metallurgical vessels with the aid of a dose- and injecting plant.

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