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Ways and Processes

Patented process: treatment of oily mill scale and metallic-loaded off-gas-dust for recycling via blast furnace and / or electric arc furnace with a  grade of recycling of over 95%

Patented process: treatment of shedder-fluff, separation of non-magnetic metals from mixture (shredder-light-fraction) for recycling of a nearly Cu-free fluff as carbon substitute via blast furnace.

Patented process: for the recycling via electric arc furnace of treated oil contaminated metallic sludges and / or wastes (by-products) combined with off-gas-dust from ferrous and non-ferrous-plants.

Biological, Organic, Mineral fertiliser based on paper sludges (organic waste product from paper mills) liquid to pasty manure and mineral additives to form a storable and spreadable fertilizer.

Mechanical process, mixing preferably hydrated lime and / or magnesium with a CO 2 loaded off-gas for example from a steam plant (power station) to produce a chemical stable carbonate.

Mining / Dressing / Smelting of:  Cassiterite,Tantalum, Niobium, Lithium, Tungsten

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